The Gimlet
Volume 108 #31

This Week at Rotary
We Meet at Noon on Thursday
February 2, 2023
For Those Attending in Person
(Zoom Meeting Opens at 11:45)
(Link Sent Thursday Morning)
Holiday Inn Downtown
Fulfilling the Promise of “For All”;
YMCA’s Vibrant Past and Bold Future
The Duluth Area Family YMCA has been proudly serving our community since 1870. Learn about the history of the Duluth YMCA and hear about how the Y has innovated programs and services to best meet the needs of the Northland for more than 150 years. Get a glimpse into the impact the Y is having in our community and look ahead to the bold work the YMCA is undertaking in 2023.
Chair of the Day: Dan Maki
Highlights from Last Week’s Meeting
By Al Makynen
President Barb Perrella got right down to business starting with the National Anthem played on the refurbished keyboard by the ever-willing Past President John Baumgarten at the keyboards.  Next, we recited our beliefs of the things we think, say, or do!  Past Assistant Governor Al Makynen reflected that our belief and use of the Four Way Test makes us counter-cultural. Is it the TRUTH? (Not some convenient version of the truth!)  Is it FAIR to ALL concerned? (No cheating or stealing allowed!)  These and other beliefs make us stand apart.
Al Makynen reflecting how Rotary is counter-cultural
The Golden Can was a little lonely this week.  It would seem that we are a bit shy to self-report on our work zone accomplishments or our personal milestones.  But then at the last minute, Past President Michelle Buria jumped up with cash in hand to acknowledge having seen on local television the story of a veterinarian who treated Wildfire, a dog struck by a snowmobile in January and now able to run the Beargrease.  The veterinarian was Dr. Heather Hadley the daughter of Steve Hadley.
Past President Michelle Buria feeding the Golden Can on behalf of Steve Hadley
Thursday, February 2, 2023, is Rotary Night at the Duluth Playhouse.  The entire venue has been reserved for Rotarians and guests from around the District to see “The Glass Menagerie”.  There is NO COST.  Please reply to the email sent to you by Elaine Hansen.  Doors open at 6:00 p.m. with refreshments and a cash bar.  Theatre doors open at 7:00 p.m.  The show starts at 7:30.   President Barb Perrella will be there at the door to personally welcome each and every one of you.
President Barb Perrella inviting us to multiple events:  Duluth Playhouse, Fireside Chat, and Rotary Breakfast
There were sign-up sheets on the table (this week and next) for the Fireside Chat Social to be held at the Kitchi Gammi Club on Thursday, February 9 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  This event is to welcome new members.  All members (and their plus one) are encouraged to attend.  There will be heavy appetizers and a cash bar (no need to have dinner anywhere else).  The cost is $20.  Sign up soon or email the office with your reservation.  Please mark your calendars:  The Fireside Chat Social (evening) REPLACES the February 9th Noon Meeting!
If you missed the January Rotary Breakfast, where 15 Rotarians had a great time telling stories, your next opportunity for Rotary Fellowship is 7:45 a.m. (so we can get our food order by 8:00) Friday, February 17 at the Kitchi Gammi Club.  Thank you to Justin Terch for making the arrangements.  Mark your calendars now and join us in a surprisingly inexpensive breakfast with Rotarians that enjoy each other’s company.
Chair of the Day Stacy Oltmanns about to introduce the Program Speaker
Stacy Oltmanns provided the introduction for our speaker. Jason Beckman, Program Director for SOAR Career Solutions. He has been with SOAR for more than 13 years and has seen the effects of the Great Recession when there were lots of people but no jobs to now where there are many jobs but not enough who are “work ready”.   SOAR started in 1980 as “Project Soar” within the YWCA.  Now it is supported by 22 grants and with its 12 employees serves all of St. Louis County.  The organization exists to inspire personal transformation through career development.  SOAR focuses on developing a career not just getting a job.  Through their individual goal-setting process and a work interest assessment, clients (500 served last year) can avoid wasting years seeking a career through “trial and error”!  It is normal human nature to try new things, but it is an inefficient way to discover what career, and type of job, best suits you.  SOAR achieves both social and workforce development results that are supported by both sides of the political aisle. These results are based on their approach to providing service.  They meet people where they are.  They believe what people tell them about themselves.  They allow people to exit and re-enter the program (off-ramp - on-ramp approach) to ensure that people come to get help when they are ready.  They get to know the people in order to provide the best advice.  They support their clients to remove any particular exterior barrier to employment and to reduce interior barriers which are often related to self-confidence.  It was clear to all those in the room that Jason Beckman, Program Director for SOAR, was a man on fire making a difference.
This Week's Meeting
Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Holiday Center Great Lakes Ballroom
200 W. Superior St
Duluth, MN
United States of America
Come join us and bring a friend for a great soup and salad bar and program!
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Venue Map
Feb 02, 2023
Program Update from the YMCA
Feb 09, 2023
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Feb 16, 2023
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Regional Welcoming Community Programming in Northeast Minnesota
Mar 02, 2023
Mar 09, 2023
Newly elected and direction of the department
Mar 16, 2023
Off-Site Bethany Crisis Nursery
Mar 23, 2023
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